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Why is video production expensive?

Let’s get this straight – it costs money to produce quality content. The cost of each production depends on a variety of things, and there are many elements that determine the pricing of a video project. What determines the final price of a video and is video production expensive?

In this article, I want to get your attention to the points that affect the final pricing of a video project for the Internet. These could be productions like video for social media, video for a website, YouTube episodes or video for Facebook ads. That is, productions that at first seem quick to produce and simple. But producing interesting content takes a lot of time and work. So what determines the price of a video production?

Camera operator experience and knowledge.

An experienced camera operator is the key to success. The final result depends on how your video is shot. A good camera operator will take care of every detail. He knows how to work with light and where to put the extra lights, he knows how to set up the camera properly and what additional accessories he needs for it. 

A good camera operator is already thinking ahead about editing; what effect he wants to achieve for the shot and the video as a whole. If the camera operator doesn’t take care of the details, chances are your video will be out of focus, underexposed, badly cropped, simply unattractive. And it will be hard to rescue such bad shots in the editing process. 

That is why the work of an experienced camera operator has to be paid for. Also consider the fact that film equipment is heavy, and operators work very many hours with them. The job of a camera operator is not one of the easiest. Knowledge goes hand in hand with experience, so the more experienced a camera operator, the higher his hourly rate. Just like with any other professional; with the best hairdresser or doctor, you don’t expect low rates.

Equipment; cameras, lights, microphones, tripods and more…. 

The quality of the video also depends on what equipment is used. Therefore, when preparing a quote for a video project, the production team considers what equipment will be needed to make the recordings. Renting TV cameras, special lights – these are not cheap things. And you still need to have people who know how to operate such advanced equipment to bring out its maximum capabilities. 

Knowing what kind of video you want, what quality you want, the video crew prepares a list of equipment that will be needed for each shot in your video. They imagine the scenes, scenery, locations and action. Equipment is selected for the style of the video and very often for your budget as well. One time you’ll need robots, another time you’ll need GoPro-type cameras, and another time you’ll need a crane for several meters and a stage light. 

Of course, there are video production companies that have a great stock of recording equipment. Using own equipment is also included in the price of the project. It’s the same if in your company you have machine A and machine B, which is more expensive and offers a better solution. You will certainly take its capabilities and usage into account when you prepare the price of the project. 

Gathering ideas, writing the script, preparing the storyboard. 

In Multiflow Media there is a rule that we prepare a brief and a script for each video project. This helps us organize the shooting schedule, by writing the script we can see how many people we will need and we can estimate how long it will take to shoot one scene. 

Often clients don’t yet know what style of video they want, what message their video should have. Then we do research, prepare a moodboard or storyboard and write a script to illustrate each scene to them. Sometimes we have to think about what texts or dialogues to use. Other times, if the project requires it, we invite SEO or Copywriting specialists to work with us. The creative process is intensely consuming and costs a lot of time. 


Preparation of scenery, organization of the recording set. 

For each video you need to prepare some kind of scenery. For recording a product commercial, you will need a studio. To record a YouTube episode you may need permission to record at some location. Every video requires planning and preparation. The more work, preparation and time spent on this process – the higher the final price of the video may be. 

If the recording set will take several hours of work, you also need to think about a break. Perhaps about catering for the crew and actors. These small details are also taken into account in the pricing of the project. 

Additional people on set; director, producer, makeup artists, assistants, actors. 

There are video productions that require additional people on set. Sometimes these are actors, who must first be found, matched to the project. Other times you’ll need a makeup artist, and on a large production – camera assistants, sound or lighting technicians. If your video project requires an additional crew, this crew also needs to be paid for. Very often these are people with a lot of experience, and their hourly rates are very different. 

Video editing; the last and most time-consuming process. 

You need to know that sometimes it can take an hour to record shots, and then it can take up to a few hours to edit and create the final video. As with a camera operator, experience is key. In the same way, an editor’s knowledge and capabilities are very valuable.

Editors who know the capabilities of advanced video editing software did not get this knowledge for nothing. They very often spend several hours a day in front of the monitor. The more effects and improvements a video requires, the more time needs to be put into it. 

In the editing process, an editor has to match music, take care of colors and transitions, others have to prepare subtitles or voice-overs. Sometimes graphic materials have to be created, and YouTube episodes have to have thumbnails, after all. All this doesn’t do itself. If you want 3D animations in your video, they will have to be designed for you. And that means the video team has to find someone who will take the time and use their experience to create the best possible material for you.

Editors are magicians who can make really amazing video on their computers. But if the cameraman delivers very bad footage, there is a risk that the editor will not be able to do much with it. That’s why the cinematographer-editor duo must understand and support each other. 

In conclusion…

As you can see, to produce one video you need to focus on many elements, very often think ahead and imagine several scenarios. On top of that, a lot of time is spent on the preparation process and editing. That’s why the price of a 30-second commercial video, which has to be shot in several different locations and with several actors, and still has to have modern editing and animation – will cost a lot more than recording a 15-minute YouTube episode, which will be shot in one location with one person.

So is video production expensive? There are productions that cost a few hundred euros, but there are also productions that can cost up to several thousand euros. It all depends on your project. Therefore, to the question “How much does it cost to produce a short video for social media?” you will very often hear first ” Well, it depends”.

Ask for a quote for the project, giving as much detail as possible. 

If you want to contact a video team, then collect as much information as possible about the video you want to make. The more information and examples you provide, the easier it will be to understand your vision and the effect you want to achieve. At Multiflow Media, we care that the video we produce for you is tailored to you and your brand. If you want quality content, produced by people who know what they are doing, then start working with the video team. 

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