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Are you a freelancer in the video & live industry in The Netherlands?

Let's start collaborating on various video projects!

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This group is especially for:

  • camera operators
  • video editors
  • graphic designers
  • drone operators
  • light & sound operators
  • scriptwriters
  • make-up artists & stylists
  • voice-overs actors
  • actors & actresses

Are you a freelancer in the Netherlands?

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Collaborate with us...

Our company is growing all the time, and we are happy to work with freelancers from the media industry!

If you want to collaborate with us on various video projects, grow and gather new experience – join the group and let us know what you are good at. 

...or find freelancers for your projects

As a freelancer you also have your own video projects and maybe sometimes you need support. So find the right people here.

Write who you are looking for, something about the project and get started. Cooperation & Networking in one.

...or find freelancers for your projects

As a team, we can do much more!

Let’s join forces and start doing even more cool projects together!