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Video production for modern businesses

If original content is king, then video is definitely its crown!

Video captures attention, engages and motivates viewers. Video allows you to reach further, and well thought out video marketing strategies can bring surprising results! Therefore, with our help you can take care of video content for your brand.

Bring your personal brand, business, hobby or knowledge to YouTube! Start using one of the most popular platforms. Choose from a variety of formats; vlogs, interviews, thematic programs, entertainment, development content, training and much more

Commercial Video

Advertising is a great way to reach the right audience. Start advertising on social media. Creative video advertising sells better than just a product photo. People buy with their eyes – so show them your cool stuff

Social Media Video​

Start posting engaging video content on your social media. Think about interesting Instagram Reels or TikTok, short video materials such as tutorials or videos showing your new collection. Keep your audience’s attention by posting videos

Video for E-Commerce

New collection in stock? Show it off in a video! With a video you can focus on the details, highlight the values and the benefits. You can add this video to your website and social media. One product video can be used in many ways

Capture the moment! Aftermovie from the event is a great promotional material for future editions and also a nice memory, to which you can always come back. Record your great event and publish it wherever you want

Online Video Courses​

Time to train – online! Prepare your own online course and host it on your platform. You can also prepare special video trainings or other additional video materials for your participants

Video will help your brand grow

As a creative video production company, we help brands, artists and creative entrepreneurs produce their video content. We know how much time it takes to make a cool, interesting and engaging video, so we support you through the entire process. From discussing ideas and preparing strategies, to video production and editing. Be one step ahead of your competitors – start using video marketing in your brand. 

ℹ We produce video and live streaming in English or Dutch

What you get when you cooperate with Multiflow Media

  • Professional video in English or Dutch
  • Video content proposals based on your industry or audience
  • Solutions to suit your budget
  • A script for each project
  • Support in every stage of production
  • Graphic design; for example YouTube thumbnails or multimedia presentations
  • Clear, simple, and rewarding collaboration
  • Cool atmosphere on set; we work with a smile and a relaxed attitude

Take advantage of our current special deals

We have prepared special packages that include several video services so that you can use different types of videos in your business. The service packages you will find below are special offers. This means that they may disappear from the site at any time or their price may change.  

Live Streaming Multiflow Media
Live Streaming Multiflow Media The Netherlands

Monthly subscription - Production of 4x short videos

➧ 4x Short Video with or without subtitles (up to 60s)
➧ Script & Ideas & Thumbnail for each short
➧ Recording with an experienced camera operator
➧ Professional video editing with tailored music with copyright

* You decide for how many months you want to use this subscription, and you can cancel at any time.

*This is a special offer that can change or be removed from the site at any time. The number of subscription is limited.

€799 excl. btw

With this subscription you can have regular video content for your brand.

  • 1 time a month we come to you and record 4 short videos for your brand
  • Of course, before the recordings, we discuss ideas and prepare scripts so that everything fits with your marketing strategy
  • We edit videos and send them to you on time, so you can plan your video content for social media

What do you achieve thanks to it?

  • Start publishing video content regularly
  • Reach audiences and customers who mostly consume short video content
  • Build better awareness of your brand
  • Stand out from the competition
  • You can publish video on any popular platform, and thanks to this you can be with your brand in different places on the Internet
  • Use videos to promote your brand, services, products or special offers
  • Together we determine the strategy and goal of the videos we need to produce for you in a given month. Thanks to this, the video will go with the flow of your brand and what you currently want to promote or sell

Need photos and videos to promote your company or new product? This package will help!

We have prepared a special video starter package to help you get started with video marketing in your business. 

“Business Development – starter kit” includes: 

  • Promo Video; with which you can show your company, product, or service. You can use such a video on your website, but also as a video advertisement on social media. 
  • 3x short video; so that you can enter the world of Reels and TikTok. In a short video you can share your knowledge, ideas, present your product. Shorts will be prepared for your target audience. 
  • 30 professional photos; which you can use for social media posts, various advertising projects or simply on your website.
  • 1h Live Streaming; on such a live video, you can, for example, answer customers’ questions, show a new collection or do an interview with a guest. Live Video in this package is a great time for you to see if live streaming is something you would like to do.

Business development - starter kit

➧ Promo Video (up to 2 min)
➧ 3x Short Video with subtitles (up to 60s each)
➧ 30 professional photos
➧ 1h Live Streaming (1 camera) on any platform of your choice (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, LinkedIn)

- Strategy & ideas on how to use video in your business
- Scripts for every video
- Recordings with an experienced camera operator
- Professional video editing
- Experienced photographer on set
- Full technical support for live-streaming
- Thumbnails for each video

*This is a special offer that can change or be removed from the site at any time. The number of packages is limited.

€3300 excl. btw

Get the package or tailor it to your needs ➤

Get the package or tailor it to your needs

Each project is different.

Fill out the brief and find out how much it might cost to produce your video.

Multiflow Media – Video Production & Live Streaming Service & YouTube production

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