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If you are organizing an event you should think about an aftermovie production! This type of video is a great modern souvenir for all participants, organizers and sponsors. But that’s not all! Aftermovie is a great promotional material for future events.

What makes a good aftermovie stand out?

A cool aftermovie must attract attention. The right combination of video and music, interesting transitions, slow motion, color grading – all this influences the aftermovie with a “wow” effect. Plus, it’s also nice to have comments from participants or a few words from the organizer. A good aftermovie has a script, but also some freestyling.

Aftermovie with Multiflow Media

Make an aftermovie if you are organizing...

Sports events

Aftermovie sport event

Such as triathlons, marathons, volleyball matches and other sports competitions

Aftermovie from sports events is a great promotional material for any future event. You can show in this way how the event looked like, its best moments and facilities.It is also a great place where you can thank the sponsors. A video of a sports event can also reach new people and encourage them to participate.

Concerts & Festivals

Aftermovie events

Both outdoor and indoor. These can be various music events or themed shows 

Concerts and festivals are a great opportunity to get together with friends and create new memories. Thanks to aftermovie you can keep those memories and the best moments. With such a video you can also promote young artists. A video of the event can be used by the organizer and shared by the artists who took part in it.

Entertainment events

Aftermovie car event

For example; car events, foodtruck festivals, local cultural events, big networking meetings

If you are organizing a themed event, then aftermovie is definitely for you! Big events are usually organized once a year, so it is worth taking care of a good aftermovie, to which participants will want to come back to remember what a great event it was! Such a video can be prepared for shorter shots of a few seconds specifically for social media. 

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