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Looking for a team to start producing episodes for your YouTube channel?

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We can help you fully produce high-quality videos for YouTube and other social media.

We create video content for YouTube channels

Why YouTube?

If you create a YouTube channel of your brand, then you can show your values and have a better connection with your audience or customers.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, you yourself probably use it very often, don’t you?

On this platform you can produce your own TV show, create content in the style you want yourself. This is the next place on the web where your brand should be.

Who do we work with?

➥ With brands that want to invest in a YouTube channel and create valuable content

➥ With artists who want to showcase themselves, inspire others and build community

➥ With entrepreneurs who want to bring their company on YouTube, but…. don’t want to record and edit content themselves

➥ With creative people who have a passion and want to share it by investing in their YouTube channel.

Who do we work with?

What can we actually help you with?


This is the moment when the draft of the episode is created. At this stage we discuss ideas, prepare the script, think about how to record the episode, what equipment will be needed, what locations we will go to. Also, we are thinking about all aspects from video style to suitable solutions to prepare the episode in the best possible way.


We make sure that the right equipment, lighting, microphones are on the set. We produce your video – this means that we help prepare the scenery, set up all the equipment, record everything that we discussed in the script. In summary, we are the ones who take care of the technical side of the video, so that it is made as well as possible.


Video editing is the process that takes the most time. The post-production stage is where the episode is built. We choose the best shots, then select music, prepare subtitles and other extras, take care of every detail of the video. We create your YouTube episode from A to Z so that you get a video ready to publish.

YouTube Video or YouTube Live

YouTube bundle: 2 episodes + 2 short videos

incl. Pre-prodution & Production & Post-production

Each episode includes
  • Script
  • The right equipment on set
  • Ideas for titles and descriptions
  • Thumbnail
  • Music tailored to the video
  • English or Dutch subtitles
  • Short for other social media
  • Support at every stage of production
  • Solutions to fit the budget

YouTube Live

One or more cameras + technical support

Live Streaming service
  • Complete technical support (cameras, lights, microphones, transmission)
  • Suitable equipment for live broadcasts
  • Intro with a countdown timer
  • Possible extras: ads, corner logos and other animations
  • Transmission to one or more platforms (for example, YouTube and Facebook at the same time)
  • A copy from the live broadcast for download
YouTube production - Multiflow Media - Video production Utrecht

Download free e-book “What you should do before starting a YouTube channel?”

We have prepared for you a guide that will help you to open a YouTube channel smoothly. In this e-book we talk about such steps as channel strategy, name, ideas for episodes. You’ll also find a example of a script and space for your notes.

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YouTube production - Multiflow Media - Video production Utrecht

Examples of YouTube content

Live shows

Video Tutorials

Podcasts & Interviews

Sports exercises

Educational Videos

Product Reviews


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