Video production the Netherlands

Bring video into your business!

If original content is king, then video is definitely its crown! Video captures attention, engages and motivates viewers. Video allows you to reach further, and well thought out video marketing strategies can bring surprising results!

Video is perfect for any industry - including yours!

YouTube Specials

Bring your personal brand, business, hobby or knowledge to YouTube! Start using one of the most popular platforms. Choose from a variety of formats; vlogs, interviews, thematic programs, entertainment, development content, training and much more

Social Media Video

Start posting engaging video content on your social media. Think about interesting Instagram Reels or TikTok, short video materials such as tutorials or videos showing your new collection. Keep your audience's attention by posting videos

Commercial Video

Advertising is a great way to reach the right audience. Start advertising on social media. Creative video advertising sells better than just a product photo. People buy with their eyes - so show them your cool stuff

Video Product Presentation

New collection in stock? Show it off in a video! With a video you can focus on the details, highlight the values and the benefits. You can add this video to your website and social media. One product video can be used in many ways


Capture the moment! Aftermovie from the event is a great promotional material for future editions and also a nice memory, to which you can always come back. Record your great event and publish it wherever you want

Online Video Courses

Time to train - online! Prepare your own online course and host it on your platform. You can also prepare special video trainings or other additional video materials for your participants

We produce video and live streaming in English or Dutch.

YouTube Specials

(3 episodes in a bundle)

  • the script for each episode prepared together
  • assistance in the preparation of the scenery
  • 2 or more cameras
  • microphones and lighting
  • editing and correction
  • music
  • a thumbnail for each episode

Optional: English or Dutch subtitles, suggested titles for the episode, drone shots

Get on YouTube with your brand and start posting interesting videos about yourself, your brand, your product – whatever you want. YouTube is a good platform for any business. By creating content on YouTube, you can prepare additional materials for other social media. Think of a YouTube Shorts or shorter video on Instagram that will encourage people to visit your new YouTube episode. Plan, create and grow your YouTube channel together with our full support.

YouTube Special Multiflow Media

Refresh your website and turn photos into interesting and creative videos. Introduce video content to your social media and reach new people. Video is a great tool to attract attention and build trust among your audience. We can help you prepare a video and develop your brand. Show yourself by choosing the Business Development service! 

Business development with Multiflow Media

Business Development

  • the script prepared together
  • assistance in the preparation of the scenery
  • 1 or more cameras
  • microphones and lighting
  • editing and correction
  • music

Optional: English or Dutch subtitles, presentations, drone shots

Would you like to receive a customized offer for your specific project?

What you get when you cooperate with Multiflow Media

  • Professional video in English or Dutch
  • Video content proposals based on your industry or audience
  • A script for each project
  • Support in promotion
  • Solutions to suit your budget
  • Graphic design; for example YouTube thumbnails or multimedia presentations
  • Clear, simple, and rewarding collaboration
  • Cool atmosphere on set; we work with a smile and a relaxed attitude