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How to look good in front of the camera? Keep these tips in mind.

You have been invited to participate in a video shoot, a webinar, perhaps a live speech, or maybe a recording for a business YouTube channel. In any case, you want to perform well in front of the camera. We have put together some tips to help you prepare and avoid surprises. 

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Clothes and accessories – dress up properly for the video format

If you are preparing for your first performance in front of the camera, you are surely wondering what to wear on that day. Remember to choose a style that is right for the topic and format of the footage. 

The most important thing is that you should feel good and comfortable in the chosen outfit. You don’t want to be thinking about uncomfortable jeans during the recordings. 

If you have to get to the recordings and will be sitting in a train or car for several hours, it is better not to dress in your outfit right away. Pack it up, hang it on a hanger, and then change on the spot. This will help you avoid creases or unforeseen dirt (e.g. while drinking coffee). Of course, if you only have the opportunity. You can ask the producers if there is a changing room or something similar available on the site.

When you arrive, you may be approached by someone with a lavalier microphone, which, depending on the video production, will be attached to some part of your clothing.  

Some tips on what clothes to choose or not to choose for video recording:

  • Avoid all shades of green clothing if you know that recording is taking place on green screen 
  • White and black shirts are great, but not always in front of the camera lens. Combined with the lights, a white shirt can look gray and old, and a black color is not a good choice if you have a very light skin. A contrast can be created that will make you look older. 
  • Avoid very small patterns of checkers and stripes. They might later create weird effects on the viewer’s monitor.
  • It is worth having a belt, it is useful for the crew to clip the microphone to it 
  • Do not wear jewelry that makes a lot of sounds or collide with furniture or the lavalier microphone. (for example, a lot of different bracelets on one hand). The sound that such bracelets make every time you move your hand can be very unpleasant for people recording and watching. 
  • It’s better to leave shiny clothes for other occasions. They can reflect light, so the image and your outfit may not look good.
  • The color navy blue and blue are associated with professionalism – a good choice when you want to convey knowledge, inspire confidence.
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How to perform well in front of the camera? 

You are waiting to do a live speech, you will probably be a stressed about the event. You can shake off a lot of that stress, admitting your emotions to yourself and someone around you. A quick word or a clever joke about this or something else in the beginning will help you release the tension that you feel. 

If the situation doesn’t let you joke, you have to think different. Being on the stage will make you feel observed and judged by everyone – however, that is not the case. Even if you are the only person on the stage, in the shine of the lights, everyone is there either to focus on their job or to listen to what you have to say or just have a good time. This is a great adventure and with the rest of this article you know all the secrets. Take some more hints, if you want to perform well and professionally.

  • During the conversation, look at your interviewee, just talk to him or her like a human being. If you speak to a camera, the lens is the person you talk with. 
  • If you are standing, avoid, swaying from side to side. Use your hands to articulate your thoughts, and that will solve the problem of what to do with the hands and with your body. Try to keep a straight posture. Even if you are sitting, try to stay upright, not hunched over. 
  • When you finish speaking, try to hold your eyes and breath for a second, freeze your posture looking where you were looking. This allows a video editor, for example, to finish your speech without strange facial expressions or movements in the last frame
  • Where and how to hold hands is an individual matter. However, try not to wave your hands in front of your face, nor change the position of your hands every second (once in your pocket, once on your hip, once crossed). Our hand movements should oscillate between the hip line and the chest and help you talk
  • Avoid touching your face unnecessarily, also take care of such a hairstyle that will not cause you to have to constantly correct yourself 
How to perform well in front of the camera_ 

Conversation in front of the camera – how to express yourself. 

When you find out that a camera will be on during the conversation, you may immediately feel some discomfort. Many people stress about what they will say and how they will speak, because they know they will be recorded. However, there are a few tips to help you just be yourself. 

  • Instead of starting a sentence with “eeee” or “yyyy” – give yourself a second to think about your answer and then begin a grammatically correct sentence. 
  • Don’t worry about mistakes, mixing up words or a slip of the tongue is a natural thing. People usually doesn’t notice this while watching a recorded conversation or a live stream. Just correct the word if necessary, then continue with your speech. Of course there are situations where a perfect script text must be used, then it is better to hear the crew and record a new take. Recording a couple of shots to a scripted, complex text is not unusual.
  • If there is a microphone in front of you, try to speak towards it, do not turn your head sideways while speaking. You can address things and people next to you, moving your head to the side while keeping your mouth in the same distance from the microphone.
  • Speak clearly and calmly, don’t rush. You will then sound less stressed and people will easily understand what you are saying
  • Speak to your audience, even if you can’t see the audience. Imagine that you are always speaking to a group of people. If you see the listeners, shortly talk to one person at a time and switch between the rest of the room. 
  • Prepare notes for yourself (if you can have them during the recording). But remember to narrate, not recite from a piece of paper
  • Before starting your speech, try to relax. Take a few deep breaths and even out your breathing rate. Focus on the talk.

What makeup will look great on camera?

If you are going to perform on TV, don’t be surprised if you are invited to the makeup room before the show. Even men wear makeup during recordings, it’s a normal thing. Makeup balances skin tone, reduces a glowing face, and helps mask some imperfections. Makeup, even light makeup, makes your face look good, but natural in the camera lens. 

If you do the makeup yourself, what should it be to look good on camera? 

  • Choose a makeup according to the occasion and the topic of the recording, if you are going to talk about serious things, then do not choose a very strong colorful makeup, which can distract the audience
  • Remember that powder is the absolute basis and minimum. Powder makes your face shine-free and looks natural in the video. Strong lamps (and often the stress accompanying the occurrence) make the skin start producing more sebum. If there is no makeup available, and you are not wearing any, use a paper towel to wipe your forehead, checks, nose, and the rest of your face. It will take out some shine as a quick fix.
  • It is better if the makeup is not too shiny, you can glow weirdly in the camera, matte makeup is definitely better. You might notice that the studio and film makeup, it’s usually a bit stronger.

It is said that “movie” or “TV” makeup” should be stronger than normal makeup. If you don’t have experience, do your makeup as usual or let the professional do it on the shoot.

What makeup will look great on camera

Summary: How to perform well in front of the camera? 

Top 5 tips:

  1. Dress comfortably so that you feel good in your outfit. Go for natural tones. Avoid green, pure white and black and, most importantly, very small patterns.
  2. Choose minimal jewelry. Check that when you make hand movements, the jewelry does not make loud noises.
  3. Be yourself, stand or sit up straight. Speak slowly and clearly, and if you make a mistake just go with your flow, mistakes, and slips of the tongue are normal.
  4. Do not wave your hands, talk with them. Avoid touching your face. Act naturally.
  5. Make sure your face doesn’t shine, especially around the nose and forehead. Matte powder is a product that, as a minimum, is worth having on your face during recordings, recommended  even for men. 

Have you been invited to take part in a video, and you need to prepare for the recordings yourself at home? 

We’ll help you do it right! 

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