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What changes have we made to improve YouTube channel of Kris Florek?

In this #casestudy, you'll learn more about what changes we've made to Kris Florek's YouTube channel called Polak z Wiatrakami (“Pole with Windmills”) to improve it. We produced the first episode together in 2022, and from March to June 2023 we produced in total of 10 episodes for his channel shot and released on a regular basis.

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Meet our client:

Kris Florek is a creative entrepreneur who runs several businesses in the Netherlands and has written a few books. Kris also has his own YouTube channel, where he talks about the Netherlands, shows cool places and local entrepreneurs. The channel is in Polish, because Kris wants to reach Polish people with his content and attract them to visit the Netherlands. 

STRATEGY - a plan for the channel, ideas for episodes and finding a common flow


To choose the right solutions and prepare a strategy for Kris’s YouTube channel, we first had to understand the project better. Therefore, we had several conversations about the channel so that we could prepare together:

  •  a strategy for the channel for the next few months, that is, a plan of action and the next steps to follow
  • ideas for episodes, so that we knew what it would take to produce them
  • a production plan to make sure episodes are published regularly
  • refreshing the style of thumbnails

Of course, with time, the strategy, and plan may have to be changed, improved or adapted to changes. That’s why throughout the whole cooperation we often talk about plans, discus further ideas for the channel and what other changes we should make to improve it.

Talking about the project and the YouTube channel also allows us to understand ourselves on the line of Video Production – Client. We are helping to create a channel, so we need to have a good understanding of what the channel is supposed to be about, its message and style.


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Videoproductie op YouTube - Multiflow Media Case Study-min
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New thumbnail style and better video quality

What have we improved on Kris’s YouTube channel? First of all, the quality of the video. We have used a middle-range equipment which provided continuous video and audio quality better than used in some videos before. We always prepared a mini-script for each episode, which helped us focus on the most important elements of the episode. On top of that, we also knew what shots we absolutely had to record.

Thanks to the scripts, we were able to prepare the right equipment for the episode. Greg, Multiflow Media’s head cameraman, was prepared for many situations that could surprise us while recording in different locations. And we visited, for example, the Windmill Sint Victor in Heeze, the Dutch Clogs Factory in Amsterdam, and the Beer factory in Zoetemeer. 

Two best-watched episodes on Kris’s YouTube: 

YouTube Productie - Casestudy - Multiflow Media
Checked on 12-06-2023

Some statistics: the episode about Patat&More

Some statistics: the episode about Keukenhof

YouTube Productie - Casestudy - Multiflow Media
Checked on 12-06-2023

What else have we introduced to get the channel on the right track? - Regular publication of episodes

Together with Kris, we decided to publish episodes regularly every 2 weeks. In between, we also tested different days and times of publishing episodes to learn more about the target audience. By keeping track of statistics, we were able to observe when the audiences were most likely to watch the episodes and which people we were reaching.

This helped us improve our plan for publishing episodes. And we were also able to improve the content and details related to it, because we could better understand who is watching us and what content interests them.

Channel achievements - YouTube Productie - Multiflow media casestudy
Channel achievements
Statistic, based on only videos that we produced.jpg
Marked only those films that we jointly produced (Jul 2022 - Jul 2023)

In total, we produced 10 videos for the Kris channel. These videos ranked in the top of the most frequently played videos on his channel. So far these videos have brought: 9,929 views | 501 hours of views | 83 new subscribers 

General statistics based on 370 days of joint cooperation (checked on 14-07-2023)

We also helped with the technical support of the YouTube channel

As part of the project, we also handled the YouTube channel. We uploaded to the channel, prepared suggestions for titles and descriptions for each episode. Also, we made a new version of the channel’s banner.  

For regular and fast communication between our team, we created a group on WhatsApp. We also made a special project tab in the second tool – Trello, so that we all had a better overview of the various stages of production.


Achieving a daily “Suggested” tab on Youtube for three days with two different videos, our strategy has been very successful. With a planned schedule, scripts, new graphics, technical improvements and on-time work, we can improve the value of the channels; increasing the number of views by a third, doubling the viewing time and gaining new watchers from the entire target audience.

Videoproductie over Patat en More - Kris Florek
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Videoproductie voor YouTube - Case Study

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