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Video production workflow

What is the collaboration with Multiflow media like?

If you haven’t worked with a video production team yet, you’re probably wondering what such collaboration looks like. How much time does it take to record a 30-second video or a few minutes episodes on YouTube. In this post, I will tell you how the cooperation with us looks like.

Everything starts with a conversation. 

Since you’re thinking about introducing video to your business, you already have a mini idea in your head. You know more or less what you want, but… only you know. That’s why a conversation with the production team is very important. You need to tell us about your idea, maybe you have some inspiration, you have seen something from another company and you would like to try it too. Visualize your idea as much as you can.   

At the first meeting, we want to talk. That’s why the first conversation is free. We want to get to know your vision, budget, and initial turnaround time. We also want to give you some tips and our ideas.

After such a conversation it will be much easier for us to prepare an offer for you, propose a script, think about the time we need for shooting and about many other aspects. 

Many things “depend on”…. something.  

When you watch various cool videos on the Internet, you don’t really think about how much time it took to produce a few seconds of video. When you watch an episode on YouTube you see already finished material. You do not think about the fact that recording it could have taken even a few days. 

That is why the information you give us is important to us. It determines, for example:

– how many days we need for recording, 

– if we need to prepare the scenery beforehand

– how many and in which locations we will record

– what equipment we have to prepare 

Have you accepted our offer? Then it’s script time. 

In our company, every project has its own script. Even if it has to be very basic, described in just a few points – it is still a script. Why is it so important? First of all, thanks to it, we will not forget anything. A script is also your notes – write down everything you want to say, and show. With this support on paper, you will feel much more confident! It also helps to keep your schedule on track so that you get it all done.

We arrive at the site, set up the equipment and begin recording.

Finally, we meet on location. But before we start recording, we have to set everything up first. So the camera operator needs at least half an hour to prepare the cameras, set up the lights, connect the microphones and check everything. 

Consider that every change of location is also a change of light and camera settings. We take care of every detail, because we want your video to be on a high level. Therefore, even such a seemingly small detail as adjusting the lamp is very important for the final result. 

Is everything set up? Is everybody ready? Lights, camera, action – we start recording.

Video editing – what you should know.   

In fact, the most time-consuming process is editing. After one full day of recording, we have a lot of material to check. We have to watch it all carefully first, then choose the most important and best moments. In short, we have to set the preliminary structure of the video. And this is just the beginning. 

To make your video interesting, we also need to find the right music for it and match it with your video. There are also other effects such as transitions, colors, subtitles, or sound effects. Everything is chosen according to the project, that’s why we approach each order individually. We select all the elements so that the final video flows with your flow. 

Video version ready for viewing – time for your feedback

When our first video version is ready, we send it to you. If you have any changes, something you would like to add or remove, something you don’t like – this is the moment to tell us about it. 

Remember that the amount of changes is included in the offer. If you want to make any changes, describe exactly what you don’t like and how you would like to change it. The more specific information you give us, the easier and faster we can make changes to the video. 

Video ready – we send it to you!

When everything is ready and the final version has been approved by you, you will receive the finished video from us. We can send it to you via a link from which you download it. But we can also save it on an external drive that you share with us, or make it available on our channels or yours if we can temporarily access it.

Do you have questions? Just ask us – we are open to all questions!  

Do you know what is most important to us? Communication and a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We enjoy our work and we are happy that with our experience in the video industry, we can help you grow your business. We focus on cool and creative collaboration during video production.

Ready to bring video into your business?
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