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A few reasons why you should have a YouTube channel for your brand

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. It is where people look for answers to all sorts of questions; how to assemble and repair something, what car to choose, how to furnish your apartment, what clothes are in fashion now … I am sure that you have also searched for answers for many questions on the YouTube platform.

Why there? Well, because people prefer to watch – and this is what the statistics say. In 2021 YouTube had 2.3 billion users worldwide. In the Netherlands, there were 9 million YouTube users last year. So if you run a business and you want to be a known brand, it is time to think about a YouTube channel. 

Let’s get one very important thing straight first – you don’t have to be an influencer right away and your YouTube channel doesn’t have to have a million subscriptions. You can use this platform as an additional tool to promote your brand, product, or service. But…. be creative with it! 

Why is it worth having a company channel on YouTube?

First of all, video helps to make a decision; Customers very often have trouble deciding where to buy a product. Often before buying they check opinions, and look for additional information. So how to convince customers to buy your product? Through videos about the product. This will allow you to show the product more clearly, highlight its advantages, and show the design and detailing – give the customer more than just a picture on the website.

Example: you have a fashion store. How can you use YouTube in the fashion industry? 

→ By creating content about the clothing of course. On your YouTube channel, you can publish a video in which you explain how to combine various colors and patterns, how to create trendy outfits, give advice on how to dress for special occasions such as a wedding, and show the latest trends. Use clothes from your store and leave links to them in your YouTube description. People are buying with their eyes – give your customers inspiration and they will visit your store. 

Secondly, a YouTube channel is a great tool for creating a company’s image;  

If you have decided to have a company channel on YouTube, make sure you have good quality video content. Don’t just focus on selling. Show what makes your company different – think about such video content that will give value to your audience. Be natural, transparent, and show that behind your brand are cool, creative people. Show your real side, if you are fake and your content is not real – viewers will notice it quickly. 

Example: you have a car garage or you sell cars. How do you use YouTube in the automotive industry?

→ The cars category is one of the popular categories of watched videos on YouTube. If you are a mechanic you can create video content with instructions; how to fix something, how to improve something, and how to replace something. Additionally, you will highlight your authority and show that you really are a specialist. This will result in the fact that people with a broken car are more likely to make a call to you because they saw that you know your job.

On the other hand, if you run a car dealership, and sell cool cars – you can run a YouTube channel showing unique cars. Do you have a classic car in your collection, or maybe a sports car that many people can only dream about? Make a YouTube video about it; show the benefits, show the details, show what makes it special, do a test drive, or maybe organize a test drive with your subscriber. A YouTube channel is a perfect idea if you are in the automotive business. 

Third, by creating content on YouTube, you generate new reach;

Interesting video content that you publish on your YouTube channel can reach new audiences. Additionally, if your video appeals to viewers and they start sharing it, it can result in even greater visibility. Videos shared by viewers can generate better profits than video advertising. By using video marketing, for example by posting videos on your company’s YouTube channel, you also support search engine positioning.

If someone searches Google for the name of your brand or your product, there is a good chance that they will come across your content from various channels; your website will appear, your company’s Google business card will appear, and perhaps your LinkedIn profile, but perhaps a YouTube episode will also appear. In addition, a brand channel on YouTube will also help you reach your target audience faster. 

One video made for a YouTube channel can be used in many ways; 

No one said that a video made strictly for YouTube has to be used only on that platform. If you have recorded an episode for your channel, you can now create mini versions for other social media. From such an episode, you can make a short video for YouTube Short or Instagram.

Additionally, you can do an Instagram Reel showing backstage. As if that wasn’t enough, you can cut out some of the most interesting moments from the video and create a video ad for Facebook. If you also have a company blog, you can include a post describing the new episode or its topics, and link the video under the text. 

Use YouTube in your own way – think bigger; come up with something unique

Perhaps you don’t like showing up in front of the camera, that’s quite understandable. Not everyone has to like doing it. But you want to create a YouTube channel for your business. So think about how else you can showcase your brand on the YouTube platform, but without showing your own person. Be creative, and create something of your own! But what? You ask.

Example: you can create a program (entertainment, news, fashion, lifestyle) under the name of your brand; 

→ This will be a bit bigger project, more expensive and involving a few people, but look how much fun you can have! Find a host, think of interesting guests, and create a set or mini recording studio (it can even be a corner in your warehouse). The whole show can be produced under your brand name, about topics in your industry – and you as the owner don’t have to show up in front of the camera at all. 

What you should know before starting a company YouTube channel; 

  • a YouTube channel is a long-term project; you need to prepare scripts, sets, maybe organize a production crew [check our services], set deadlines and maybe do some other things
  • a YouTube channel is a great solution for brands whose audience spends time on this platform. So if you want to reach a very specific but young audience with your services or products, being a brand on YouTube can help you do that
  • if you build an engaged YouTube channel, you may find that more brands or companies will want to work with you. You can start new projects this way or introduce sponsored segments
  • it’s a good idea to publish video content on YouTube regularly; set a publication schedule in advance, for example, once a week, always on the same day. This will allow your audience to get used to the fact that there is always a new episode on your channel on Tuesday at 18:00. So you can record several episodes in one or more days and publish them regularly over the following weeks
  • you can also monetize your YouTube channel; to do this, you need to join the YouTube affiliate program. You can then generate income from the ads that will be displayed while watching the episode. However, there are some special requirements that you need to meet, such as having more than 1000 subscribers to your channel

As you can see, having a company YouTube channel can be really useful. Especially if you want your brand to be recognized by a young audience. There is also a place for you on YouTube – think about what kind of content you could publish on this platform. 

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