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FAQ – about video and live streaming

We have collected the most frequently asked questions about the video and live streaming. If you haven’t found the answer to your question – just write to us!

How much does a video cost?

Hmmm…. That’s like asking how much does it cost to build a house? The answer is one – it depends on the project. In our offer “Video & Live Services” you will find prepared packages with price information. The final price depends on the project you want to realize. You can make a free appointment to speak with us about your video ideas. 

Can I get a free quote/project pricing?

Of course, you can! The offer is prepared for each project individually. Many aspects depend on something. For example, it depends on the number of recording days, equipment, scenography, additions such as a voiceover, and many other details. That is why we encourage you to make an appointment with us for a free meeting or a video call. We can then discuss your project and idea, which will allow us to prepare a personalized offer.

How long does it take to shoot a video?

It all depends on the script and the project. That’s why talking about the project is so important, because on the basis of it we prepare a script, which allows us to determine how long the shooting will take. We are able to shoot most of the formats in one working day, while larger projects, such as those with several locations, may require several days a week. 

How much time does it take to edit a video? 

We’ll say it again, but that also depends. Among other things, it depends on the type of material shot, whether the final version of the video needs to be subtitled in another language or if a voiceover needs to be recorded under the video. It also depends on how many corrections you make to the project and how much additional time we will have to dedicate to them. The simplest ideas can be delivered to you within a few days.

Do you produce videos in Dutch?

Absolutely! We have already done several projects for our Dutch clients, you can find them in our portfolio. We don’t want to be limited to one language, so our social media communication is in English.

Do I have the opportunity to correct the video?

Yes, of course. We always offer at least one revision of the project so that you can make corrections to the video if necessary. The number of revisions is specified in the contract. Any additional revisions generate costs and increase the turnaround time.

Can I propose music for my film myself? 

Yes, you can propose music for your film, but keep in mind that using popular songs can be expensive. We will choose a few songs in a similar style that you suggest.

If the music is chosen by the editor, the costs are already included in the film price.

Can the video have subtitles in another language?  

Yes, of course. If your video will be in Dutch, we can add English or Dutch subtitles. And vice versa. We can also prepare subtitles in other languages. Such subtitles can be included directly in the video or be prepared to upload for example on YouTube

Can live streaming be saved?

Yes, we can save a copy of the broadcast and send it to you. You will be able to share the saved broadcast anywhere you want, for example, save it to your YouTube channel.  

Can the live streaming be watched later? 

Yes, if the broadcast has been recorded, saved, and made available for viewing. 

What platforms can I choose for live video?

Live video can be broadcast on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, LinkedIn, Google Meet, Zoom and any other platform that uses the appropriate data transmission protocol. When creating a live event, we get the address and key used for a specific broadcast from the platform.

Can live streaming be accessed for a fee?

Live streaming can be free and paid. It is all up to you. You can arrange to sell access to the live stream and provide a special link to people who have paid. This is something similar to standard event tickets, only you sell them online.  

Can I broadcast on several platforms at the same time?

Yes, it is possible. We can broadcast your live video to several platforms at once. For example, on YouTube and Facebook at the same time, or on other platforms that allow this option. There are various technical issues involved, which we will need to discuss together in terms of which platforms you choose.  

Do I have to give you my social media password to do a live stream? 

You don’t need to give us your password, but for some social channels, in order for us to connect the camera to your feed, you will need to log in to your profile on our equipment. These are technical issues that we will be happy to explain to you during the call. 

But don’t worry, we don’t need to know this password and it will never be saved by us. However, we recommend that you change the password to a new one for the time of the broadcast, and then immediately change it back to the original password after the transmission. 

How much does live streaming cost? 

The prices for live streaming services depend on the order and the location. The price for one hour of live streaming starts from €200. We prepare each offer according to the order. Please write to us and give us more details about your live stream and we will prepare a free, yet non-binding offer for you. 

In which cities in the Netherlands do you work?

We focus on the area around Utrecht and Eindhoven, but we are not limited to these regions. We will be happy to visit you in other places throughout the Netherlands.

Do we travel to customers abroad? 

Yes, but only to the western part of Germany and throughout Belgium.

Do you have any other questions? We will gladly answer them!

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