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Some practical advice on how to prepare for your first live video

Is live streaming effective? Definitely yes! And the statistics speak clearly about it. One of the biggest streaming platforms is Twitch, which is visited by 30 million people a day. More than a million people watch live videos on Instagram – every day. During live you can share knowledge, sell your products and build a community. Prepare your first live and start streaming! 

Decided to go live streaming but completely unsure where to start? Read some of our tips on how to prepare for your first live video on social media. 

Plan what your live will be about – write down the title and take notes! 

Before you sit down in front of the camera, think about what you are going to talk about. Write down the key points that will help you lead the broadcast. Write down all the key words you want to talk about. Let your notes be like road signs for you. They will help you not to stray from the main topic during your live broadcast.

No idea for live streaming? You get the best topics for live video every day from your clients. Read their feedback or frequently asked questions. 

Prepare a place where you will host a live video

Make sure you have a comfortable place, preferably in as much natural light as possible. Check what will be behind you, if there are any unnecessary things. Remove or cover anything that should not be in the frame of your camera. Also prepare something to drink, it will come in handy. 

Check the equipment – lights, camera, microphone. 

Set up your recording equipment, place your phone or camera on a tripod or other stable mount. Check that the battery is charged and all cables are connected. Set up extra lights and be sure to turn on your microphone. Ah, and of course make sure you are connected to the internet – that’s the most important thing! 

You don’t have to have a professional crew taking care of the technical side of your live video right away…. But such a crew will definitely make things easier and save you stress

Make the thumbnail before the live broadcast starts.

If you already know that you will want to save your live on instagram, then you will find this #livehack useful. Prepare a thumbnail that you will use later to promote your live. It can be a photo, it can be a project made in Canva, for example. It’s important to have such a thumbnail already saved in your camera roll so that you can use it as a thumbnail for your live video later on.

Mute notifications but set your watch. 

Mute any notifications that might distract you. Especially if you use your phone during your broadcast. You don’t want a notification to interrupt your live stream. 

However, it is worth thinking about your watch. If you have planned a live broadcast for 45 minutes, set your watch so that you can make it on time. Preferably 10 minutes ahead of time so you know your broadcast is about to end. Live on Instagram can now last up to 4 hours. 

You’re ready to host your live video!

Good luck.  

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