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5 video content ideas – use them to grow your brand

What’s stopping you from making videos? If one of the reasons is lack of ideas, we come with inspiration. We’ve put together 5 ideas for video content you can use to grow your business. Read on if you’re planning your marketing efforts for 2022. 

1. Video of Company Life. 

Show how you work and what is going on in your company. In such video you can present how your products are made, how your team works and what values you believe in. If you are recruiting new employees, such video may encourage them to work with you. 

2. Educate your followers, organize a webinar with an expert.

If your company specializes in modern solutions or you offer services/products which require special knowledge – bet on educating your clients! Organize a webinar, in which you will explain the most difficult issues. You can also invite your customers to talk to an expert on a given topic. 

3. Event coverage. 

With event reports you can show that someone missed a cool event and encourage them to join the next edition. Video coverage of an event can also be used to promote future editions and the services you offer as an event organizer. 

4. Tutorials

This type of video is very popular in the beauty and hair styling industry. With tutorials, you can show how to do makeup for any occasion or how to take care of your hair in a few steps. In fact, a tutorial is such a video manual where you can show how something works, how to put something together and how to use something. 

5. Questions and Answers

You can prepare your Q&A video in two ways. One – collect the most popular questions your customer service department gets and record a video with answers (or instructions). Second – collect questions from your followers on social media, then choose the most interesting ones and record a video answering them

As you can see different types of video can be used to grow your brand. If video is missing from your marketing tools, think about why and how you can change that.

Have a video idea but don’t have a camera to record it? Or maybe you are afraid of editing? Don’t worry – we will do it all for you and deliver you a ready edited video.

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