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Bring live streaming into your business

In short, live streaming is a video streamed in real time on a platform of your choice. This can be on a dedicated streaming site or simply on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. This element of video marketing can be customized for any business. 

Advantages of live streaming:

  • Easy access for viewers. Broadcasts can be watched anywhere on earth and on any device with internet access.
  • Direct contact with the audience via chat.
  • You choose whether the transmission is to be available to the public or only to selected people who will receive a link. 
  • The possibility of saving the video and sharing it later.
  • Promote your brand in a modern way.
  • Real emotions, no editing, no filters. 

For live streaming, you don’t need so much. The basic setup is a camera with a tripod, good lighting, a microphone and of course choosing the platform you want to stream on.

Live streaming for 3 cameras in Tilburg

When will live streaming work best? 

  1. Webinars: or in other words, interactive online meetings that can take place literally anywhere. You don’t have to rent a room or limit the number of seats. This form of video marketing works well if you are a coach, an expert in some field, and you want to share your knowledge.
  1. Conferences: that is, standard meetings that usually take place in some room with a limited number of seats. With live streaming you can host such an event for more people and for those who cannot come to the event. Think about the seniors, people in another country and those who are not feeling well on that particular day. 
  1. Events: Take your events to the next level – broadcast them online as well. Access to these events can be paid or free – you decide. With live streaming, many more people can participate in your event! 
  1. New collection promotion: do you run an online store? Showcase your products, talk about their advantages and collect orders right away. Thanks to direct interaction with your audience you can immediately find out what others think of your products, collect opinions and analyze them. 
  1. Workouts: many people prefer to workout in their home, and so they use various online training classes. For example, if you are a personal trainer, you teach yoga or pilates – then you should think about live streaming! 

Any event you want to host online can be planned and promoted in advance. Organize an event on Facebook, release an ad and invite people to sign up for your live event. Start your live streaming adventure today. 

Do you want to start your adventure with professional live broadcasts?

Let’s do it together! We will gladly help you! Write to us and we will talk about it!

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