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Why is it worth having an aftermovie of a sports event? – interview with Gerrit Heijkoop

The sports event you are organizing is unique and each year it is organized in a different way. If you have an aftermovie from a sports event, you have a great souvenir, of course, but also a material that you can use to promote the event for the next edition. We talk to sports event organizer Gerrit Heijkoop about what the aftermovie gives.

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Aftermovie we produced for the Utrechtse Heuvelrug Triathlon, which was organized by Gerrit

Why do you think it's a good idea to have an aftermovie of sports events?

Gerrit: In my view it serves 2 purposes: right after the the event the participants like to ‘relive’ their experience to extend the feeling of joy. And perhaps spot a glimpse of themselves, or someone they know.

But much more important: it is the most important asset in the promotion of the next edition of the event. It show (potential) participants what the atmosphere is like, the type of people that join and specific details that make the event stand out from other events.

We made an aftermovie for you from the 1st Utrechtse Heuvelrug Triathlon. How did you use the video afterward, and what did you use it for?

Gerrit: We have placed it on our social media channels ASAP after the event. Also e-mailed the link to all registered participants. However, key value was in placing at the top of the homepage to inform, seduce and convince participants for the next edition.

What benefit did the aftermovie of the triathlon bring to you and the organization?

Gerrit: Next time we doubled the amount of available participant slots. We sold out in only 2 months, no less then 7 months before the event.

What other types of video content do you use for your business and for events you organize? And why do you think it's a good idea to use video in business?

Gerrit: For the promotion I also want some short vertical videos with specific 1 topic things: testimonials, funny specific details, award cerememony. They should be well branded, captioned and in vertical format in order to work best in social media promotion campaigns.

What would you say to people who are not yet convinced to video marketing?

Gerrit: A picture says a 1.000 words. A video shows 25 pictures per second.


A cool aftermovie attracts the attention of viewers, and therefore also future participants of the event. Additionally, the aftermovie can help you attract new sponsors for your event. Thanks to the video, they will be able to see how your event looks like and what they are investing in. Remember to also prepare some short videos of the event, which you can then post on your social media to keep your profile active all the time. 

Aftermovie we produced for the Uilentoren Loop Leersum, which was organized by Gerrit

Need an aftermovie of a sport event?

Let’s meet and talk about the aftermovie, so that together we can choose the best style of aftermovie to fit the vibe of your event. 

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