Case Study - Live Stream during Streetboard World Championship 2023

How we organized Live Event on 4 cameras for Streetboard World Championship

In this #casestudy we will tell you how the preparation and realization of Live Streaming on 4 cameras looked like.

We had the pleasure of doing this Live Event for the Streetboard World Championship, which took place at Area51 in Eindhoven in 2023. 

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Meet our client:

Streetboard World Championship (SWC for short) is an event organized for streetboard fans from around the world. What makes them unique is the board they ride; two pivoting plates connected by a central bar, riders propel themselves along using their upper body in sync with a twisting motion. In 2023, the 27th edition of this event was held, with competitors from countries such as Germany, Spain, Argentina, France, or the United Kingdom. During this two-day event, preliminaries and finals are taking place, in which men, women and even children participate.

Preparations for the Live Event - Where did we start?

Everything started with filling out a Live Streaming Brief, in which we got the first information about the live event they want to organize. We received such information as;

  • the date and duration of the event,
  • the number of cameras the client wants during the event,
  • whether we need to prepare additional materials such as graphics,
  • on what platforms the live event is going to take place,
  • and if we need to organize any other additional equipment 

On this video calls we discussed the first details of how this live event should look like, what the client expects. The brief also allowed us to prepare questions that were important to us, and the answers allowed us to better understand the project. Thanks to discussions, we were able to prepare a personalized offer and tailor technical solutions to fit into the budget.  

Plus, such conversations are also great to get to know each other better and see if we have the same flow. This is also the moment when you can learn and understand more about how the production of your live streaming will look like from the technical side.

To make sure this live event goes according to plan, we have prepared a list of all the equipment we will need. That is, for example, all cables, adapters, extensions and additional accessories, and of course such standard things as cameras, microphones, chargers, or lights.

For this LIVE event we had:

  • a cameraman with a wireless camera 
  • additional static shots from two mounted adjustable cameras
  • video mixed live with action replays
  • streaming in high-bitrate full HD resolution with 50 frames per second

We also made a map on which we planned where we would mount the cameras, where our station would be located and where we would set up the camera with commentators. To adjust everything, we visited Area51 where we measured exactly what we needed and were able to arrange with them also such an important aspect as internet. 

Graphics or advertisements are also an essential part of any live-streaming. As part of this project, we prepared such elements as: 

  • animated transition
  • banners with the names of the competition
  • graphics about each rider
  • thumbnail on YouTube 

Another important element of the live event was the preparation of the run-of-show, so that both we and the organizers knew how the live event should look like. Thanks to the appropriate run-of-show we know, for example, from which shot we start the live, at what point we can show commercials and in what order, when the various competitions begin.   

The day before the event... Preparation and Connection of equipment

As part of this project, we agreed that we would connect most of the equipment the day before. All because here we had cameras set up in different corners that we had to hang. On top of that, there are many meters of cables, which we also had to properly secure so that it would be safe for the public and riders. 

Secondly, it was important for us to test and adjust the equipment after connecting it. So that on the day of the finals everything would be ready, and so that we still had some time to solve any problems that may have appeared

We arrived at the site a few hours early to prepare for the start of the streaming and discuss the final details with the organizers, the MC, and the commentator. On that day, we also prepared the equipment for the cameraman, who worked with a wireless camera.  

A quick coffee and at the scheduled time we started the live event, which was streamed on YouTube

ℹ Good to know: in order for us to go live on YouTube, we need to have access to your YouTube channel to prepare everything from the technical side. 

What do we do while streaming?

In short, we make sure that your live event goes as well as possible and in relation to the script. This includes such aspects as: 

  • control all cameras 

  • mixing of images from cameras, which means we take care of what is currently shown on the screen for the audience 

  • showing commercials or additional graphics 

  • constant contact with the organizer, commentators, and camera operator

  • showing replays

All technical things related to equipment and the streaming are on our side. It also includes, for example, control of batteries in the cameras, control of sound, that is, whether the commentator or MC can be heard. Catching problems (which always happen with live events) and fixing them quickly.  

In the case of this project, we also made sure that the wireless camera was recording all the time. This footage we then provided to the event organizer so that he could prepare video content for social media. Thanks to this, he can promote the event and future editions and all the time publish content on profiles that have been created for the event.  

Summary… What was the biggest challenge in producing this live streaming?

There are two main challenges in producing such an event. We need to be sure that all equipment will work with multiple connections. We also need to be prepared if there is a failure. During the streaming, other problems can also arise; for example, the Internet connection breaks, something happens to the equipment. We try to think of everything that can go wrong and prepare for it. The key in all of this is high focus, attention to detail and constant communication with the rest of the team.

The challenge really was… moving all the equipment through the skate park (and we had a lot of equipment) hehe 😁. Then spreading out meters of cables, securing them and connecting everything. This took some time. Plus, our operator with the wireless camera also had to pay extra attention to what was going on around him, because all over the place someone was riding and doing skateboard tricks all the time.

Thankfully, our team (although small) handled the project well, and we realized a really cool live stream for our client. And most importantly, it was watched by people from all over the world who supported the competitors.

SWC 2023 Statistics after live
Statistics 24 hours after the live stream

Watch this live stream here:

 Streetboard World Championship will also be held in 2024 in Area51 in Eindhoven! 

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